The problem with the RAM's Emergency Wiping when the HDDs are in Stand-By (are sleeping, not spin)
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Ilia Alexeev
2018-02-21 08:49:56 UTC
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The power-off of my PC does not encountered immediately in case the HDD(s)
are halted. The PC becomes to be powered-off only after the HDD wake-up.

My question is: is the Memory Wiping are performed BEFORE THE HDD(S)
_starts_ to wake?
The most important question is: is the _Emergency_ Wiping (when the USB
Stick was Emergency-Ejected) will be performed BEFORE the HDD(s) will
starts to wake - i.e. immediately after the USB Stick EJECTING,
_without_waiting_to_the_end_ of the wake-up of the HDD(s)??!

I haven't an ability to test/check this thing by myself (the wiping is
stealth now); help me, please, by your answer.

Thank you very much!!!