Tails contributors meeting: Thursday May 03
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2018-04-24 00:00:02 UTC
The next Tails contributors meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday 03 May
tails-dev on conference.riseup.net (XMPP)
7 pm in Paris
6 pm in London
1 pm in New-York
10 am in San Francisco

Everyone interested in contributing to Tails is welcome!

If you want to propose a discussion:

- Make sure that it corresponds to a Redmine ticket with:

- *Discuss* as its *Type of Work*
- You as its *Assignee*
- Detailed enough information on the ticket

- Add it to the blueprint of the agenda:


If you want to get involved but don't know yet how, please introduce
yourself during the meeting, and be sure to tell us what you are
interested in.

The meeting might not be the most adequate time and place to properly
introduce newcomers to the development process, but at least it should
be a fine place to know each other, and schedule a better
suited event.

We need two volunteers each month to facilitate and take notes. Please
add your name for each role on the blueprint.