Release schedule 3.7
(too old to reply)
2018-05-07 10:20:35 UTC

I'm doing the 3.7 bugfix release, which is supposed to happen on

Due to other matters, I did not send a release schedule, so here's a
late one:

* 2018-05-07:
- All branches targeting Tails 3.7 *must* be merged into the
`stable` branch by 6:00 pm, CET. (contact me if some of your changes
needs an exception to that)
- The upcoming Tor Browser is hopefully out so we can import it.
- Build and upload Tails 3.7 ISO image and IUKs.

* 2018-05-08
- Hopefully start testing Tails 3.7 that was uploaded during the night.

* 2018-05-09:
- Finish testing Tails 3.7 by the afternoon, CET.
- **Release 3.7** (Firefox 52.8, bugfix release)

Usual testers, you'll receive the usual testing message later today,
sorry for the inconvenience of this late message.

Others that want to help are encouraged to email me privately (unless
you are fine with sharing your availability in public on this thread :).