*Modified* release schedule for 2018, take 4
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2018-04-11 15:39:01 UTC

Mozilla changed their release schedule in a way that affects Tails
3.7, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10. Here are the new release dates:

- 2018-05-09: **Release 3.7** (Firefox 52.8, bugfix release) — bertagaz is the RM

- 2018-06-26: **Release 3.8** (Firefox 52.9, bugfix release) — intrigeri is the RM

- 2018-08-21: **Release 3.9** (Firefox 60.2, major release) — anonym is the RM
- includes VeraCrypt support + major Additional Software Packages improvements

- 2018-10-16: **Release 3.10** (Firefox 60.3, bugfix release) — anonym is the RM

Assuming the changes for 3.7, 3.8 and 3.10 are no big deal (bertagaz
and anonym, correct me if I'm wrong as you're RM'ing respectively 3.7
and 3.10) the main impact for us is:

1. The VeraCrypt and Additional Software Packages work has to be
ready, reviewed and merged one week earlier than planned.

⇒ intrigeri and Ulrike, please check with your team how you they'll
make it work.

2. The already crazy plans anonym and I had come up with to handle the
migration to Firefox 60 might not work. anonym, let's talk about it
during our meeting on Friday.

3. This release does not conflict with our summit anymore \o/
… except help desk and foundations team members might be swamped
under support request due to the tons of changes brought by
this release.

4. Our rough, tentative timeline for the USB image project may need
to be adjusted.